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Posted by [email protected] on March 25, 2013 at 10:30 PM

Half the fun of being single is being able to play the field and getting to know various types of guys before finding your perfect match. If you're still on the hunt for Mr. Right, before you find him, we've listed five guys you should make a play for before you put your single girl days behind you.


If you've ever seen Kate Hudson's star turn in Almost Famous, you can understand the appeal of catching the eye of a musician (not to mention her real-life attraction to rockers). Whether it's the drummer in a band you just saw play live or the cute guy strumming an acoustic guitar at your local open mic night, having a rock star (or wannabe rock star) boyfriend will definitely shake up your love life. You'll be out all night and asleep all day, meet interesting people and get your fill of live music. The novelty will wear off eventually but being "with the band" – at least for a while – is a worthwhile dating experience.



Despite not usually being long-term relationship potential, the younger guy can be fun to date in the short term. If you've been so focused on your career lately that your social life seems to have evaporated, or if you've just come out of a serious relationship that went south, dating a younger guy can give you a new lease on life. He's enthusiastic, eager to please and he likes to have a good time – meaning having him around will be good for your ego and your libido! You may get annoyed with his immaturity as time goes on, but as long as you're enjoying yourself, we say go for it.



There's just something mysterious and sexy about dating an older guy. You might be cringing at Scarlett Johansson's recent romance with the much-older Sean Penn, but your age gap doesn't need to be quite so large. Even someone 10 or 12 years your senior will have that much more life experience to share. Older guys are usually pretty excited to have a younger woman on their arm (and in their bed), so you'll be treated like a princess. Plus older single guys usually have good jobs, nice apartments and a fairly high level of taste so you know that date will be more than ordering pizza and renting a movie.



Every woman deserves a little pampering and dating a guy with a fat bank account has its perks. He will live in a great neighborhood and his apartment will be full of all the things you only wish you could afford to buy. After a few months, you'll realize he's never home and works ridiculous hours making all that fabulous money, but at the beginning he'll treat you to lavish meals at expensive restaurants, weekends away and little gifts you'd never be able to buy for yourself.


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It's important to experience what it's like to date someone you would never normally go for. The quirky guy, the nerd, the shy intellectual – whomever you set your sights on, hooking up with a guy that goes against what you usually find attractive is an interesting dating rite of passage. Maybe it's just a fling or maybe you're with him for a few months, but the point is to step outside your comfort zone – if only for a little while.


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Understanding the dude tells you a few secrets your man never will! Also, we hit the streets to find out what you've always wondered.

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